The new science exhibition center opened

In November 24th, is located in the Ruian County Hongqiao Road Rui new Yuhai, grand opening exhibition center, will be built about 53000 square meters international block. On the same day, more Coach Factory Purses than 5000 people attended, the famous artist Jennifer Li, Miss World Yin Han until the field booster.
The ceremony, customers in the Hong Kong New Yuhai international neighbourhood atmosphere touches: Passionate water drums, Miss World T science and technology fashion show stage by turns, to attract the public eye. Miss World Yin Han said, she met with top shopping centre, Hong Kong New Yuhai international yolakss20 block is in the world at the forefront of fashion, she was very optimistic about this project. Famous artist Jennifer Li to heavenly voices to impress every consumer, more is put forward: such programs in the country and even whole world cannot be seen, its commercial value is enormous, appreciation potential is limitless. coach factory outlets Yin Han and Jennifer Li work together to participate in the project developers, the opening ceremony, the scene atmosphere to a climax, customers fall over each other to enter the visit to the museum.
Exhibition Hall is open on the same day, many visitors unable to hold oneself back consulting Rui new Yuhai Yetai planning. Seven three Street Plaza building philosophies, 20-200 the mainstream drilling shop planning, also got more praise. Senior personage thinks, Rui new Yuhai introduced international block concept, build a one-stop shopping center development positioning, is very much in line with Ruian resident consumption demand. Have attentive visitors found that day, Armani, COACH, Blumaeine, MARTINI, CK,Coach OP Art Bags BOSS and other internationally well-known brand agents representatives? This proved a new science block port international development goals!
New Jade official responsible for the project, Hong Kong New Yuhai to block type integrated shopping center concept of innovation, and strive to do shop shop. At the same time, will build a 14000 square meters underground parking, ensure adequate parking spaces, the maximum bearing effective consumption ability.