Processing and life of stainless steel pipe

First to tell the story of the processing method, processing stainless steel elbow, tapping the thread line size may arise from the two collide tap end, the reason is the long tap base surface. In this case, the need to tap end mill is short, but might be the use of tap function in the short-end steel pipe mill adversely affected. Short tap end mill before and after tap and the relationship between the workpiece can be seen, the short-end mill, tap the thread can not be normal into the hole, but by end pressure into the hole, thus affecting the function of the use of tap.
Xymade stainless steel tube mill, stainless steel stamping elbow pipe the entire length of the thermo-mechanical history on the significant changes in micro stainless steel stamping elbow fittings produced, will be strongly influenced by the finishing seamless pipe mill degree of recrystallization, grain and precipitation, and lead to the ultimate microstructure and function of the dramatic changes in the length of the entire stainless steel stamping elbow pipe. The grinding must maintain the original geometry of the Department before the orientation, it is best to use tap grinder cutting blade for grinding. The best way to solve the long tap base surface is the tap was threading the specific requirements of the short custom base surface.
Some users had to tap Department before the orientation of grinding, grinding taps before and after the Department before the orientation. Change because the Department before the orientation form after grinding, will still affect the tap using the function. To address this topic tube mill machine: Xymade tube mill line including a reciprocating roughing mill and a 4 roller back and forth finishing mill. The transmission line on both sides of the finishing mill installed two hot rolled mill. Runout usually include a laminar flow cooling system and a coiling station.