Tube Mill With Clean Tubes

For some industries, especially the food processing business, stainless steel tubes are requested to be clean in order to prevent any ingredients sticking in the tubes and causing sanitary issues. However, there are many tube mill makers in Asia but not that many of them are capable of manufacturing stainless steel tubing, especially using alloy 304.
Xinyang's tube mill has a five-roll adjustment device to control the welding seam and its welding V angel is bigger than 8 degrees. Through the whole stainless steel tubing process, non-water operation and inserted gas flow are implemented to protect the whole welding zone in order to generate smooth and high quality tubes. In addition, 0.10 cm H-trimming device is used to create smooth tubes, and OD beat uses high quality material to remove weld beads from stainless steel tubing. Cold saw cutting machine/blind cutting machine is used to cut the stainless steel tubes into preferred length. In general, ideal cold saw cutting machines should have firm cutting blades, and strong motors that would last forever. Xinyang's cold saw cutting machines are constructed by 3 NC servo motors, and the saws' unique and long-lasting material assures furr-free performances.
Yangzhou Xinyang Machinary Mould Co., Ltd. is a tube mill maker that is specialized in making seamless pipe mills and other related carbon and stainless steel pipe machines. It has been accumulating manufacturing experience in supplying tube mills using tig welding and high frequency welder and its peripheral equipment to ensure the stainless steel tubes are made with high-quality.