How to choose and buy diesel generating sets

Second, the choose and buy diesel generating sets should consider when the mechanical and electrical properties, unit USES, and the load capacity and change scope, automation function main factors. (1) diesel hair of the unit electricity use. Because diesel generating sets can be used in common, spare and three emergency situation, so different USES for diesel generating sets the demands of different. (2) diesel generating sets load capacity. According to different purposes should choose load capacity and load range change, sure diesel generating set of machine capacity and spare single diesel generator unit capacity. (3) the use of diesel generating sets environmental conditions (mainly refers to the elevation and climate conditions). In addition, but also pay attention to the generator and excitation method and diesel generating sets automation function choice.

Our country in 5kw gasoline generator for the application of the main vehicle diesel generator, Marine diesel generator, agricultural diesel generators, construction machinery with diesel generator, etc. In different should use field, diesel generator has different characteristics. In addition, in addition to most of the fire and JiuYuanChe and an ambulance assembly diesel generating sets besides, post and telecommunications system, high building, entertainment, highway construction, important communication facilities, nuclear power plant, the hospital, the industrial factory, hotels and office buildings are equipped with backup emergency diesel generator.

In our country, the power generation equipment industry is the national key support of fixed assets investment industry, has the responsibility to the national economy and the people's living power to provide power the burden of complete sets of equipment. And in power generation equipment industry, the 650w gasoline generator technology in our country's public safety and energy security field play an important role.

The company not only pay attention to the quality of the products, pay more attention to the cultivation of talents, because starlight believe talent is a enterprise core, only high technology talent to produce high quality products of high quality. At present, the company has an advanced consciousness, young, energetic, proficient business management team, they to establish a modern enterprise as a starting point, in line with "high starting point, high technology, excellent service" goal, actively absorbs domestic and international advanced technology, collection of advanced products, and constantly upgrading of product. In recent years, the star already As is known to all, diesel generating sets technical level and diesel engine technology development level and closely related, the diesel engine is often measured and evaluation diesel generating sets performance are excellent bad the important content. Because the daily use maintenance and regular work is mainly diesel engine, so the good performance of the diesel engine is the 5kw diesel silent generator solid foundation.

The application range of the diesel generator might be said to have involved each domain, its important role is self-evident naturally. But not every enterprise has fully to its understanding, so when we need to choose and buy the generator set, all need to pay attention to what problem? Here, shaanxi star power equipment Co., LTD. To help you to analyze melancholy and to ensure that you buy is a reasonable price amount of good products. First, the enterprise in the choose and buy when diesel generating sets to have their own standards. This standard is the choose and buy diesel generating sets performance and quality must comply with the relevant standards.

Such as communication of choose and buy diesel generating sets must reach GB2820-1997 G3 level or G4 level specified requirements, and to achieve the communication diesel generating sets of detailed rules for the implementation of the connection of quality certification testing prescribed in the "performance index of 24 requirements, but also in the industry in China through the established by the competent department of communication power supply equipment quality supervision and inspection center strict inspection.