Effectively avoid domestic is increasing day by day

We expected, founder of the new energy vehicles drive motor for the first time in 2012 universal supply four quarter, the first time the number of supply is expected to drop to 1000-1500 sets. Nearly two years, the company labor and employment cost increase constantly, and in addition, global economic recovery appears to be slowing down in the background of the international trade protectionism, is back, and the clothing enterprises to export orders increase long difficulties, these to the company's internal operation and external market with high pressure.


However, the company to strengthen internal management control the cost in the first half of 2012 is expected to reach 19% gross margin comprehensive, over the same period increased, and significantly higher than the industry average. We expect, with all kinds of raw material prices continue to drop, the company in 2012 whole year the comprehensive gross profit margin level will be was substantial ascension, about 2-4%. Founder of product realization is expected to years overseas manufacturing According to to the development of the company, company with their own money, $5 million, to invest in Vietnam to set up a wholly owned subsidiary of Vietnam, founder of a limited liability company, engaged in small electric machine,, the sewing machine, the servo control system, car motor manufacturing and sales. air plasma cutter (11.67, 0.00, 0.00%) product main customers-stretched out the brother companies such as the one in the past two years in the Labour cost more cheap factories southeast Asian countries.

As an important global sewing machine motor suppliers, founder motors have power to also have the ability to follow downstream customers to regional industry layout, will production base more close to the downstream manufacturers can not only significant reduction base transportation costs--firmly latchs key customers, also can effectively avoid the domestic increasing labor costs and power is European and American countries trade barriers. In order to reduce the cost of labor force only as an example, Vietnam local workers wages are 1000 yuan/month, zhejiang lishui local for 2000-3000 yuan. According to our calculation, founder of the factory workshop construction has Vietnam to decorate the late stage, if from the current began to hire, we expect, fastest 9-10 months will be formally started production.


Domestic short-range low-speed electric cars (60-70 kilometers per hour, can run 150-180-km) market developing rapidly, including hebei, shandong province, zhejiang area all has become a large-scale sales. Founder of new Jialile single-phase motor can source has been in zhejiang area of key automobile manufacturers in tests many times, the highest speed close to 90 kilometers, 20 degrees slope can easily through the, the comprehensive test specifications are reaching the whole car enterprise requirements, at the same time, the company in shandong and hebei market development is also in progress, in the local product testing recent are will open, we optimistic estimates that three quarters of the company was able to have won the domestic main short-range low speed of automobile enterprise orders, and large-scale production, the product price is in 7000-8000 yuan/set, gross margin of more than 32%.

The second big shareholders of the venture scout actual controller universal group each other is new air compressor pump in the batch purchase was again put off, we speculate that this may be universal oneself to power electric control part of the research and development in the assembly by the lag, another possibility is universal group to market caution judgment, and to take a wait-and-see attitude.